Roll Lables

Label Printing

Premier Labels produces self adhesive
labels in both sheet and roll form.

  • Roll Labels (Letterpress)
  • Roll Labels (Digital)
  • Address Labels
  • Sheet Labels

Our letterpress machine prints on labels as small as 10 x 5 mm up to a maximum of 150 x 100 mm.

We have a stock library in excess of 600 knives which produce labels in oval, circular, rectangular and square shapes. This machine also prints in gold and silver foil and special metallic foil colours to add extra embellishment to your next label job. We stock a large range of self adhesive paper labels in many different colours.

Our traditional white gloss and white matt finish paper labels can be supplied with permanent or removeable adhesive. We also carry gloss and matt paper with a blockout backing.

Other materials include self adhesive vinyl in white, black, clear and gloss and matt silver mylar. Our paper and vinyl labels may be printed in 1 of our 14 standard print colours.

Any of these standard print colours may be used at no additional cost. Additional features with this machine include clear plastic laminating and 6 digit consecutive numbering. Our minimum quantity is 100 labels.

Our roll form digital inkjet machine produces white gloss paper labels in single colour through to full colour.

These labels are only suited for indoors purposes.

Label sizes range from 20 x 10 mm up to 200 x 100 mm. Digital die cutting does away with the need to keep to standard knife sizes. This means we can provide virtually any size label between our minimum and maximum sizes as listed above.

Our minimum quantity is 100 labels.

We produce standard address labels at very reasonable prices.

Address labels may be printed on white gloss paper, coloured paper and white gloss and clear gloss vinyl and are supplied in one size only, which is 45 x 15 mm and are packaged in dispensing boxes.

For print colours and further details please refer to our address label pages.

Our sheet labels are printed and digitally die cut on vinyl labelling stock.
We employ both solvent and UV inkjet technology to produce single colour to full colour labels which are presented on sheets. Depending on size our sheet labels are presented on approx. A4 size sheets or smaller. The die cut wastage is removed and the labels can be peeled off the sheet on all edges. Larger labels are usually cut to singles.
Our vinyl labels are UV and chemical resistant and are available in sizes from 20 x 7 mm up to a mammoth 1200 x 600 mm and any size in between. Onboard digital die cutting will produce labels of any shape without the need for costly knives or setup. If you can draw the shape our machinery will print and die cut it.
There are NO minimum quantity requirements with this process - we will make you 1 label if that is what you require.

Sheet labels are ideal for those people starting business that do not want the expense of making large quantities of labels together with expensive set up costs which may be attendant with other label printing methods.
Alternatively your enterprise may have a variable number of products which require small quantities for each.

Our vinyl labels are used in the health, beauty, food, lifestyle, automotive and
communications industries. Their use is only limited by your imagination.

Our standard vinyl substrates include white gloss vinyl, white matt vinyl and clear gloss vinyl with permanent and removeable adhesive. We also stock reflective vinyl, silver matt vinyl
and destructible white matt vinyl.
We also stock clear electrostatic vinyl which does not have a self adhesive
backing. This vinyl is mainly used in the optical industry, however they will
electrostatically adhere to most glass surfaces.